About This Software

GrowVast microfinance banking software brings user-friendliness, safety, flexibility, customizability, affordability and cost-effectiveness into one package.

  • It is user-friendly

    GrowVast has a simple user interface making it convenient and less time consuming for users to carry out functions.
  • It is customizable

    GrowVast can be easily customized to meet the design and operational requirements of any customer.
  • It is fully developed in Nigeria

    GrowVast is fully developed by IAF SAWII. We are not a developer's representative or vendor.
  • It is safe to use

    GrowVast database is stored in an online location with the data encrypted.
  • It is affordable

    GrowVast is very affordable and installation/maintenance cost friendly.
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    Security Features

  • User and access level profiling by administrator
  • Computer and mobile device registration by administrator
  • Data encryption with different layers of security
  • Web-based database of records
  • Error editing based on approval by administrator
  • Remote disabling of mobile module in case of theft
  • Tracking of remote location of users by administrator
  • And many more
  • Transactional Features

  • Basic transactions such as crediting and debiting of customers' accounts
  • Checking of customers' account balances
  • Editing and/or reversal of transactions
  • Real time notification of field transactions by marketers using the mobile module
  • And many more
  • Reporting Features

  • Reporting of staff and/or branch performance
  • Tracking of staff/marketer location and movement via GPS tracker on mobile module of the application
  • Integrated bulk SMS module
  • Account reporting section to view total accounts balance, deposit, withdrawals, other income, expenses and other financial information
  • And many more


    General Features

  • Real time crediting and debiting of customers' accounts
  • Checking of customers' account balances
  • Reporting of location and movement via GPS tracker to be viewed by administrator on desktop module
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